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Not often, to be fair, but when acclamation comes along, take with both hands I say and enjoy the moment.

And so it came to pass a new client telephoned and asked for a valuation of a property and lifestyle report in rural Gloucestershire. Anything I mused to get away from this screen, although, like all jobs here is where we start. We build a picture of the address and the occupant from online sources and data bases. Flask made and head north .
The joys of locating rural properties where road signs are frequently missing, no house has a number only a name and many of those are overgrown by delinquent plants. here in the real world Sat Nav is of limited value. So why is it you never find anyone around? Mainly this is upmarket commuter land where to pay for the huge mortgage on said desirable property some drawbacks are present.
Ah ha, there you are “Shangri-La” (Name changed to protect the innocent) hiding up little more than a lane, with deranged ivy concealing your true identity. Very nice. probably started life in the 1930s, 4 beds, 3 reception rooms sat in a half acre of beautiful gardens. Now, tastefully extended, fifth bedroom, en suite, extended kitchen into large hardwood conservatory. Tasty. Note vehicles on the drive, do they look in keeping with the property? Oh Yes.
In our online searches, only 5 properties had been sold here in the past 10 years and none for the past 3 years. However we found one which had recently, well 6 months ago, been withdrawn from sale. a viewing of this property and it wasn’t so different from “my” house of interest. Good start.
Photograph time, 2 should be enough. Done.
Having already completed Land Registry, CCJ and Insolvency searches we now have enough for our report.
Typed and duly dispatched.
Thanks Tony, Impressive report.
Boy, that is always good to hear.
Based in part on this report a decision to take Civil action was taken and today I heard my clients had been successful in getting Judgment in their favour.
Thanks again Tony, good job.
Thanks guys.

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